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Best Alternative to JazzHR

Looking for a JazzHR alternative? Meet GoHire.

When hiring for a startup, you don’t have much time or budget to waste. With GoHire, you get all the features you need to find and hire top-quality staff—quickly and cost-effectively. And that’s why GoHire is the best JazzHR alternative.


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A simple and sophisticated JazzHR alternative to help you succeed

With a Capterra rating of 4.7, GoHire is the best-in-class hiring software. Our clients are small business owners looking for flexible recruitment software that fits all their needs to hire the best employees quickly.

JazzHR vs. GoHire - Overview

Here are two platforms features and pricing, side-by-side :



Recruiting Software Provider JazzHR Launches White-Label Platform


Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based 

Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based 

Support Options 

Email, Helpdesk, FAQs, Knowledge Base, 24*7 live Support, Chat, Phone Support

Email, Helpdesk, FAQs, Knowledge Base, Chat




Free Trial

14-day Free Trial

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Email Marketing 


Quality Support 



Ease of Use 



Value for Money



Likelihood to Recommend




Keeping member privacy at the center of what we do, for companies and candidates alike.

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Many businesses, like yours, value the best JazzHR alternative

GoHire is purpose-built for small businesses, and so is our pricing. GoHire offers everything you need to grow your team, from our intuitive features to flexible pricing. Within minutes, you can set up and streamline your entire hiring process—from start to finish.
Take control of the entire hiring process with GoHire—from managing job posts to applicant tracking, communication and interviews. GoHire helps you find the best talent for your startup—serving over 2 million applicants!

Our affordable solution is easy-to-use, flexible, efficient and built for small businesses.

Simple and easy-to-understand software

GoHire makes hiring easy. Our hiring software was built for hiring managers and small business owners who don’t have time or resources for complicated software. So we’ve made it easy to sign up, set up, and start hiring as quickly as possible.

  • Simple software
  • Quick setup time
  • Scheduling that is practical and effective
  • Simple and straightforward design
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Features that are easy to understand

Monthly expenses that won't put your finances in jeopardy

While JazzHR has a reduced startup package fee, GoHire provides you with more for your money. Our Starter membership is £58/$78 per month, giving you access to up to three active job postings, unlimited team members, and customisable pipeline stages.

GoHire is a cost-effective choice for your business, with a low monthly set payment and no hidden fees! And, since we know you don't hire new employees every month, our monthly payments are flexible, allowing you to stop paying when you stop employing — no long-term contracts!


We’re here for you, at all times

Regardless of your plan, we offer skilled support online and over the phone. Support is available every day of the week, at all hours of the day.


Post to the most relevant job sites, skip the rest

With GoHire, you can post job ads to the most popular sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter with just one click. You can also turn them off to avoid your job ad appearing on all job sites, giving you complete control over where it appears and who sees it. Sometimes, a more streamlined approach is best.


A prospect tracking system that your whole team can use

With GoHire, candidates won’t be lost in the process. Keeping track of your hiring and people management processes is a breeze with our easy-to-use platform. You can group your job openings into teams, assign hiring managers to each team, and keep track of all previous candidates in your talent management database.


More features?

Check out our extensive list of powerful hiring software features that will transform your business.

The best JazzHR alternative loved by 1000's of SMB's

Get started with simple, fuss-free hiring software now.

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Sebastian Ibarra

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Sebastian Ibarra

Sebastian Ibarra

Happiness Specialist

Jorge Diaz Largo

"We have a professional careers page that I can share with everyone. GoHire has solved our hiring problems and we couldn’t be happier with it."

Jorge Diaz Largo

Jorge Diaz Largo


Clement Debiaune

"GoHire helped us avoid the dreaded spreadsheet to manage our applicants. Its reasonably priced for its features instead of being priced because of the industry."


Clement Debiaune


Luke Robbertse

"GoHire has improved our hiring process from the get-go. We can now free up time to focus on the things that matter, the people."

Luke Robbertse

Luke Robbertse

Technology Operations Manager

Dru Dalton

"GoHire has made the task of posting a position almost effortless. Exactly what we were looking for."

Dru Dalton

Dru Dalton


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a stand-alone ATS that can be considered a JazzHR alternative?

There are numerous types of ATS, from a simple standalone hiring software with basic features to a wholly integrated HR management solution like GoHire to help you find the best talent with the right skills more quickly.

Why is recruitment software important?

GoHire’s recruitment software provides an unbiased hiring approach, helping companies diversify their talent pools and offer more positive and valuable candidate experience.

Which browsers does GoHire support?

GoHire is developed and rigorously tested to work in the following desktop web browsers.

  • Chrome (Latest version*)
  • Firefox (Latest version*)
  • Safari 10 and later
  • Microsoft Edge (Latest version*)

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