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Advertise your job ads to more people with less effort with better job posting software

Automate job ad posting, track job ads and measure your hiring success with job board software

Why choose GoHire?

Choosing the best job posting software depends on what you want to get from the platform.


There are many reasons why GoHire is a perfect choice, such as, the streamlined hiring process, customisable job postings, automated resume screening, collaborative hiring, integration with other tools.

manage candidates

Simple features

Our no-fuss software features an easy-to-navigate dashboard and a list of features we know you’ll use. We’ve made it easy for anyone to simply sign up and start posting their job ads within minutes.


You can publish jobs across the worlds biggest job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Otta, ZipRecruiter and so many more, with one click.



Affordable monthly fees

Publishing job ads shouldn’t break the bank. Instead of signing up with multiple job boards and paying their monthly premium, simply sign up with GoHire and post to all job boards for free!

Our Starter membership starts at only £58/$74 per month. With this, you can share up to three live job listings, link unlimited team members and create customisable pipeline stages. Or, get our Pro package at £165/$241 for unlimited job ads, video questionnaires, automated stage actions and more advanced reporting features.

Reports (1047 x 1100)

Advanced reporting features

Organise all hiring data in one place and pull out the most important analytics with our advanced reporting features. Our job board software helps you analyse and optimise your hiring process.


GoHire offers a range of features that can help companies reduce their time to hire, streamlining and automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with the recruitment process.


One way that GoHire achieves this is through automated job postings. With just a few clicks, hiring managers can create and post job listings across multiple job boards, eliminating the need to manually post jobs on each individual board.

Product tour? 🎥

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is job posting software?

Job posting software, or job listing or job board software, allows you to post to multiple job boards simultaneously. Job board software helps streamline the initial stages of recruitment by automating your job posting and integrating with your careers page and social media platforms.

There are many types of job board software to choose from, ranging from customised solutions to WordPress plugins and applicant tracking systems (ATS) with job posting features. GoHire is an example of a job posting software incorporated into an ATS.

A job posting platform, meanwhile, allows you to host a job board on your website. This is usually done in the form of a careers page and enables you to post and promote job vacancies at your small business. Doing so makes it easier for you to connect with both active and passive job seekers.

How do you create a job posting?

Creating a job posting is easy when using multiple job posting software. All you have to do is populate all the fields required for a job advert, select your favourite job boards and automatically publish the ad to all boards, your careers page and your social media platforms.

The most important information to incorporate into your job advert includes:

  • An appropriate job title
  • Role type (for example, freelance, full-time, part-time and location/remote)
  • Summary of what the role entails
  • A list of the key skills, requirements and qualifications needed
  • A brief introduction to your company
  • Details on the application process
  • Company benefits, salary and working conditions

Check out our post on how to write a job advert.

Job board examples

There are hundreds (if not more) of different types of job boards. Some are broad and cater to all industries, job types and locations, while others are more niche.

If you want to broaden your reach as much as possible, it’s best to use the most popular job boards.

GoHire integrates with your favourite websites so you can promote your jobs for free and maximise your job exposure. The job boards featured in our job listing software include Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Careerjet, Google, ZipRecruiter, Jooble, Jora, Adzuna, MyJobHelper, Talent.com, Jobtome, and much more.

Check out our post on the top job boards in the UK.

How can job board software help your recruitment process?

Job posting software saves you hundreds of hours by automatically posting your job ads to multiple job boards.

Here’s how GoHire’s job listing software not only saves you time but makes your recruitment workflow more efficient:

One-click job posting to multiple boards

Post to multiple job boards globally within seconds. With GoHire, you can post your job ads to over 15 job boards with just one click, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter and many more—for free! Easily publish, edit and delete all job adverts through one system.

You can also turn specific job boards on and off to target the job boards and applicants most relevant to your business.

Social media integration

Let the world know you’re hiring new employees by linking your social media platforms and automatically posting all jobs directly on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Seamlessly organise applicants from multiple sources

Not sure where applicants are coming from? With GoHire, you can easily organise and manage applicants in one easy-to-use collaborative dashboard. That means no more spreadsheets and manual tracking. We’ve made capturing and analysing data easy so that you can use it to make better hiring decisions.

Access to over 700 free job description templates

Yep, we’re all about saving you time. Stop stressing about writing up the perfect job description. Simply select one of 700 free job description templates, adapt it to reflect your small business and specific job requirements, and post your job ad. It really is as simple as that!

Personalised career pages

Increase your job advert exposure by posting all ads to your website. GoHire helps you build a careers page on your website that highlights your company culture and automatically stays up to date with your latest job listings.

Connect to any job board

While we’re integrated with over 15 different job boards, you can spread your reach even further if you’d like. Simply use your unique job short-link to direct applicants back to your careers site to complete their applications. That way, you can store all hiring data in one, convenient place.

That’s just the start. Learn about all of GoHire’s features.

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