Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Outdoor Sectional Sofas + Couches

The long, yawning arms of the cherry tree reach up from your backyard and over the deck. Sunshine peers through its branches like fingers spread wide over a face pretending not to peek at whatever surprise is coming its way. You’ve just gotten home from work, kicked off your shoes, padded into the kitchen, and are wondering what drink to pour yourself. If you choose lemonade, go to paragraph a.) If you choose wine, go to paragraph b.).

a.) Hey, nice choice. You take your lemonade into the dappled sunlight of the back deck. A hummingbird flits past, hovering briefly in front of a feeder. You look around, trying to decide where to sit. If you choose the functional and fashionable modern outdoor sectional that has comfortably hosted you and your friends over many backyard BBQs, go to paragraph c.) If you decide to sit on that weird stump you found on the beach that one time and lugged all the way back to the car, choose d.)