Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Outdoor Patio Sofas + Couches

In no particular order, here’s a list of some of the nice things that might happen while relaxing on Article’s variety of stylish modern outdoor sofas:

1.) As you sit back down after tending to the grill at your bi-weekly BFFs-only cookout, the BFF to your left compliments your new outdoor sofa, mentioning their love of the sturdy and chic design. You tell them it’s made from teak ( or solid acacia, rattan, aluminum—depends on what sofa hypothetical you’ve chosen) and they go, “Oh wow, nice.” The BFF to your right loves the cushions, melts into them, and pretends to fall asleep. You all laugh. How nice was that?

2.) While in the process of rearranging your outdoor sofa into a formation best suited to your liking, you think about all of the other versatile types of outdoor sofas on Article’s website. Along with modular sofas, there are sectionals, daybeds, couches, and classic sofas that’re the perfect complement to your outdoor space—aha, you’ve pieced the Kezia together just right. Nice timing.