Bar Tables

Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Bar Height + Pub Tables

Whether you need a modern pub table that can suit a small space, prefer to never touch the ground, or just want to imbue your eating area with some “party” feelings, a mid century bar table delivers. Sleek, tall, and unflaggingly stylish, a modern bar table is a great way to inject function that looks 100% fashion into your dining space. We’ve put together a handy little guide to help you determine what you need out of your pub table.

A true modern bar table is typically counter height, so you’ll need to consider what kind of chairs will work with your pick. Carefully read and measure the height of your preferred chairs, and make sure they’ll work together. When choosing chairs, you’ll also want to consider what you plan on using the table for most: dining with family? Make sure you pick chairs with good back support: it’s hard to linger over dinner if your core is getting tired from staying balanced. If you plan to use the table primarily for drinks, tabling snacks, or displaying photos, a stool is a good, subtle option.